How did we do it?


  1. In 1998 we developed dfwdentists, dfwphysicians, dfwattorneys, a huge directory from yellow pages. We had these websites for about 2 years. Professionals are spending a lot of money advertising on Yellow Pages  We believe there must be a cost effective way. Besides the more expensive the advertisement is not a guarantee that the Professional is great.

  2. Few years later I had a chance to deal with Top Dentist, Best Doctor, and a great Accountant. I was so impressed by these Professionals.

  3. Checking on my old list for Top/Best/Super/Superb/rising star, ..... Then decided to have a website for only great Professionals. I believe it is a Great pleasure to visit the office of a Great Accountant, Attorney, Dentist, or Physician. Great in their Profession and human quality.

  4. Started checking on my big list on the internet.

  5. Called some professionals offices to check on best professional. Narrowed down the list for only great professionals.