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Dental Specialties

Dentist Jobs : What Is a Dental Specialist?

Cosmetic and General Dentists: provide treatments that includes filling cavities, root canal, extraction, crowns, bridges, cleaning teeth, and cosmetic enhancements. It also refers to as family dentist.

Endodontists: dentists specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseased tooth pulp and performs root canal work using conventional techniques as well as surgery.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: Specialize in jaw and face reconstructive surgery due to trauma as well as cosmetic problems of the jaw and face similar to those of plastic surgery. Also removes tumor, cysts, and difficult extractions, and performs implant surgeries.

Orthodontists: corrects improperly positioned teeth using braces or other mechanical devices.

Pedodontists: dentist specialized in pediatric (children's) dentistry.

Periodontists: treat diseases of the gum and supporting structures of the teeth consisting of bone ligaments.

Prosthodontists: specialize in replacing missing teeth and restore proper alignment of teeth, using removable (dentures and partials) or fixed (crowns, bridges) prosthetics.