Legal Specialties


Administrative Public law: Issues regarding the body of rules, regulations, orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government.
Alternative dispute resolution: Practice of resolving legal disputes through mediation, collaborative law, arbitration or other non-litigation methods.
Anti-trust White Collar Defense : Issues regarding competition legislation, including price setting and collaborations that result in monopolistic practices.
Appellate: Issues regarding appeals of a lower court’s ruling.

Banking: Issues regarding state and federal statutes on bank regulations and Bank lending.

Bankruptcy: Issues regarding the rights and responsibilities of debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.
Business/commercial litigation: Issues regarding the formation and financing of business or commercial enterprises.
Civil litigation: Disputes that do not fall under more specific categories.
Construction: Issues regarding matters involving contractors, surety, landowners and government agencies dealing with construction disputes or litigation.
Consumer & Commercial Law: Issues regarding regulations within the consumer marketplace, including (but not limited to) warranties, credit cards and e-commerce.
Corporate finance/mergers & acquisitions: Issues regarding transactional law dealing with agreements between two companies that are adjusting their differences by mutual consent.
Criminal Defense: Issues regarding crimes and their prosecution.

Environmental Law: Issues regarding treaties, conventions, statutes, regulations, and common law that operate to regulate the interaction of humanity and the rest of the biophysical or natural environment, to reduce the impacts of human activity, both on the natural environment and on humanity itself.

ERISA: (The Employee Retirement Income Security Act): Issues regarding Long Term Disability, Claim Denials, Claim Terminations, Claim Appeals, Claim Litigation, ERISA Group Disability, Private DI Claims, ERISA Life Insurance, Overpayment Cases, and Disability Bad Faith

Family law: Issues regarding marriage, divorce, spousal support, adoption or child custody.
Franchise & Development:
Franchising is a kind of licensing arrangement wherein a business owner, known as the "franchisor," distributes or markets a trademarked product or service through affiliated dealers, who are known as "franchisees."

Insurance Law Attorneys and law firms who specialize in legal matters involving insurance companies, legal issues representing insurance companies, and federal regulations for the insurance industry.
Intellectual Property Law  includes US Patents, Trademarks, Copyright issues, including many issues related to doing business on the Internet, such as domain name disputes and theft or misuse of intellectual property on the Internet.
Labor & Employment Law  For the employee: Issues regarding workers, their skills and their value within a business. For employer: Issues concerning the treatment of employees and applicants for employment by employers.

Land Use Issues regarding private and government use of land, including the improper use of land, air and water, and the development of natural resources.

Litigation Litigation attorneys, also known as trial lawyers, handle a diverse set of legal issues from depositions to court trials. Lawyers experienced in litigation are also well versed in tactics to avoid costly litigation, such as "cease and desist" letters, negotiation and mediation. Class actions, personal injury claims, damages resulting from breach of contract situations and other issues that may result in court appearances or jury trials are also handled by trial lawyers.
Personal Injury Issues pertaining to proving a defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and responsible for monetary damages.

Real estate: Issues regarding topics concerning the purchase and sale of land, including contracts, deeds, title of insurance and other property rights.

Taxation Issues regarding assisting clients through the regulations that authorize the collection of income, gift, estate, inheritance and business taxes.

Traffic Attorneys Traffic attorneys are legal specialists who understand the local court system dealing with traffic violations. Traffic attorneys handle many minor cases, such as non-moving and speeding tickets for numerous clients.

Trusts & Estates Issues regarding distribution or management of an estate while the client is alive or after his/her death and determining the authenticity of a last will and testament.